A Quick History

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Since 2012 Worship Sound Guy has existed as a Twitter account providing an outlet for worship sound guys in churches around the world to find community through the funny, crazy, and sometimes unbelievable things that we deal with on a daily basis. 

     In early 2016 we decided that it was time to utilize the worship sound guy platform for more than just humor. After building a following of over 35,000 twitter followers and realizing how far the reaches of the WSG account had grown, we came up with the idea to start producing simple audio training resources. We wanted to create a resource specifically designed to take all of the knowledge that we've accumulated and simplify it, capture it, and package it just for you guys. 

THe Worship sound guy Advantage

Why Worship Sound Guy?

For starters, we are a couple of normal guys just like you who have spent the better part of the last decade leading teams of production volunteers in local churches. We have had to navigate our teams through the digital revolution, through various stages of church growth and budgets, and definitely have had to make do with much less than ideal gear. 

In addition to serving the local churches we work in, we have both built successful professional careers working in the touring and studio worlds for over 10 years. Through this experience which we continue to gain, we have gathered a wealth of knowledge, best practices, and expertise along the way. We believe our strength lies in the ability to connect the professional world and church together. For too long there has been a stigma over worship sound guys and church sound in general...we are here to change that. Our experience has taught us to combine sheer excellence & high production value with the more budget-conscious and pastoral concerns that are at play in the church environment. 

Our heart is to encourage and equip worship sound guys and girls all over the world to raise the bar in church production.

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