How To Practice Mixing

So you want to practice mixing? 

If you're anything like me, most of the time you spend behind the mixing board at your church is during rehearsal or service. It's great, and you can learn a lot during those times, but let's face it: the best time to experiment with some new bass EQ settings, chase down the perfect reverb for your drum mix, or try out that T-Pain AutoTune effect on your worship leader probably isn't while the band is trying to rehearse songs.

So when and how can work on becoming better at the craft of mixing?

It's a catch 22 for sure. You want to get better and experiment with new techniques, but the only time you've got the full band there to work with is when you've already got a TON on your plate just trying to get ready for service. 

What if I told you there was a better way?

Over the past few months, we've been working on building a library of "Practice Multitracks" that you can use to practice mixing!

What's a Practice Multitrack? Basically, we spent a ton of time at my home church creating a collection of multitrack recordings (meaning that all the different instruments/microphones were recorded individually) live during our Sunday morning services. They're modern worship songs that your church probably already plays like "This Is Amazing Grace" by Phil Wickham, and "Lion And The Lamb" by Leeland and more!

You'll have access to each individual microphone and input that we used live on the stage that day. Individual drum mics, guitars, keyboards, bass, lead and background vocals...everything is there, just like a live band.

So what do you do with all these? It's a simple process called a Virtual Soundcheck.

You may have heard of this before, but nearly every digital mixing console has a way to plug a computer in and play back tracks from the computer through the mixing board. 

That way, you can have all the individual channels show up on your mixer and then spend all the time you want experimenting with new settings. You wanted to try a new kick drum EQ? Sweet. You've got all the time you need to dial it in. Want to learn about how attack and release times on your compressor affect the sound of your vocal? Now you can learn about it with a real vocalist, singing a real song, for as long as you need him or her to. Want to practice mixing a song completely from scratch? You got it! We've included every track for you to mix these songs. There's no EQ or Compression or Effects recorded. Just great sounding raw tracks for you to learn from and experiment with.

So how do you get these tracks? 

Well, if you're already a member of our Sound Guy Essentials course (like thousands of you are) the tracks are already waiting for you in your account! So just log in and grab them and start learning! It's a completely free bonus to add to your learning experience. 

If you're not a member yet, well today is your lucky day! You can head over to and get in to the course right now and have instant access to all the multitracks, PLUS the 5+ hours of video lessons, Ebook guide downloads, interactive quizzes, and more! There seriously hasn't been a better time than now to take control of your mixes and learn how to get the mix results you've always dreamed of. We want you to be the sound guy that your church deserves, and these are the tools to help you get there!

We recently did a "soft launch" of these tracks to one of our private Facebook groups, and the feedback was AMAZING! Check this out:

Multitrack Feedback.png

That's the kind of stuff that completely blows us away! It's so inspiring to see people learning and following their passion and having a great time doing it!

Now, you might be saying "Hey wait...this sounds complicated". 

Well, it's not! ;) 

On the download page in your account, we've provided links to all the resources you'll need including FREE software to run the tracks on your computer. From there, it's basically as simple as plugging in a USB cord from your computer to the mixing console.

"Ok ok...but..I can just make/record multitracks myself right??"

Yeah, you absolutely can. And we hope that you do! It's a great way to get experience. Here's the difference with what you'll get in this pack: first, world-class musicians and performances. The players on these performances are the best of the best. The drum performances are played by a guy who just wrapped up playing at the 2018 Passion conference, and one of the vocalists was just featured on the new God's Not Dead often do you get to mix with performances from players like that? Second, these are EXPERTLY recorded. We spent weeks tweaking our live setup and working with various engineers to capture the best possible tones. They're so enjoyable to listen to and mix with. It's rare to find tracks that were recorded in a live setting that sound like these ones do.

Our favorite part is that we've done all the work for you. All you have to do is fire up your computer, plug it in, and start learning! 

Here's an email we just got from Erik in Florida:

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 10.31.03 AM.png

If you want to start learning like Erik and Mitchell, you can head over to to get started on your journey to great sound today!

-Johnny & Matt @ Worship Sound Guy

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Is it Time for a Gear Upgrade? Part 2: How to Pitch New Gear.

How to Pitch New Gear

    As a follow up to last week’s article, I wanted to take a second and talk about how to ask for that gear upgrade AKA, how to pitch new gear. While it may seem pretty straight forward, “Hey pastor, we need X-ammount of dollars for this new gear, cool?” Sometimes…thats not cool. There is an art form to proposing upgrades. Learning to submit the requests correctly, with the right information and at the right time could be crucial to whether you actually get the gear or not. Here are a few tips that I have found work very well in my experience.

1. Make sure you are ready

If you’re not sure if you’re ready for new gear go ahead and take a look at last weeks post. But, if you’re ready and know it, clap your hands…just kidding, read on. In Luke 16:10 Jesus introduces the principle that “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much”, I guarantee you that this idea is very present in your leader’s minds when considering who to give money too and who has shown to be faithful with it.  Make sure that you have taken good care of the gear you have, and that you have squeezed every bit of value out of it. I am sure the leadership will not hesitate to send money your way if they know this is the way you operate

2. Overestimate the cost

    It never fails, it doesn’t matter if you’re buying new gear, renting a car, checking out at, or just getting a few things from the store…stuff always costs more than you think it will. It looks really bad if you’re pitching your needs to your leadership, and later on, you have to go back and ask for more because you miscalculated. I see it far too often where the person in charge of the upgrades has to keep going back and getting costs approved because the number just keeps getting bigger. Even if the cost is going up because of completely legitimate reasons beyond your control, from the perspective of those forking out the money, it comes across as poor planning and lack of knowledge. Make sure that you think about the cabling needed to connect the gear to the system. How much is shipping? Are you going to want/need a warranty on it? (Hint: warranties can really be life saver and make you look like the hero when the fix is free!) Make sure you are always leaving a margin for things like this. After all its better to ask for more upfront and end up not needing it all then to be the guy/girl that has to keep going back asking for more and more money. Don't be that guy!

3. Submit it as a solution to a problem

    One mistake that us sound guys often make is thinking that the leaders above us who are not particularly technical, see the same value as we do when it comes to gear. We love to get new gear for fun and we know why one piece of gear is better than another. Afterall, thats why we have the role we do. However, most of the time the pastor isn't going to understand why you should spend $200 on that multi band compressor plug-in that just makes the vocals sound nice and creamy. Now, its not that you’re wrong…muti-band compressors are the best thing since single band compressors….however to the non technical people, as long as they can hear the vocals…it’s probably not on their mind at all, its plenty good enough. Why spend $200 to fix something thats not broken?

    What helps in situations like these is to propose the gear as a solution to a problem that even the non-technical people recognize. Something like, “ You know how we have a really hard time hearing the worship leader when the whole band is playing? This plug-in would completely fix that.” Or “This will make it easier to hear the vocals without having to turn them up so loud.” You are guaranteed to win some votes with that one! As long as you can provide the new gear as a solution to a problem (one that both you and leadership agree is a problem) you will be off to a very good start.

4. Connect it to the vision of the church

    This may seem like common sense to some but I can't talk about requesting new gear without mentioning this. Ultimately what you are doing is asking for an investment in your production team. Leaders want to know that they are going to get a good return on their investment if they choose to use the church’s funds for your team. In order for them to do this, they need to be able to see how it benefits not only your interests as a tech team, but also the overall vision of the church. For example, lets say your church has a huge reach locally in the community and does lots of community outreach and events. However it doesn’t carry a very large online presence. Getting a broadcast console approved for live streaming and a new computer to multitrack everything is going to be a much harder sell than say, a brand new portable PA and console packed into shiny new road cases that you can use for all the community events (With your logo on the cases for extra advertising!). Just an idea. The point here is to make sure to take some time and think through how the upgrade you are requesting fits into the overall vision of the church. Be ready to explain that when you request the money because that will definitely be on their minds.

Side note: This doesn't just apply to new gear purchases, even just for microphone upgrades it could be as simple as pointing out that “at least 40%-50% of the duration of the service is spent in worship. We want to make sure that we give our members the most pleasant listening experience when they choose to spend a Sunday morning with us. Upgrading our drum microphones would put us in a much better place as a production team to make Sunday mornings that much more pleasant for our congregation.” 

Okay…That one’s for free! ;-)

5. Show the research

Lastly, when you do present your proposal, I highly recommend that whether they ask for it or not, you are prepared to show a little bit of research. Give them the reasons that lead you to your specific solution. Maybe come prepared with two solutions to the problem (Hint: always show the more expensive option first, you have a much better chance of actually getting the cheaper option in that scenario!). Do your homework and if you find out that buying those specific microphones off amazon is cheaper then buying them from Guitar Center (true story), then let them know! Tell them that you were originally quoted $500 from Guitar Center but after a little homework you found out that you could get them from Amazon, delivered straight to the church for $450. Even if the savings aren't massive, they will certainly applaud the effort and take comfort in knowing that you did the research and are making an educated suggestion.

Good luck friends! As always If you have any questions (or would like some recommendations on new gear!) don't hesitate to shoot us an email at