Audio Consulting...What's That??

Introducing Online Consulting

Hey guys! So if you keep up with our social media you may have seen that we just launched a little something new this week, we call it Skype Sessions! Now, you may be wondering what it’s all about? We wanted to take a second today just to share our heart behind it and what we hope it will accomplish! It's available now on our products page for you to check out!


Lately, we have been receiving more and more emails asking if we offer any kind of in-person consulting? After speaking with several churches about making this a reality, we have unfortunately found, being the small startup that we are, that unless the church is within driving distance of our home-base here in Atlanta, it proves fairly difficult for us. While we are excitedly working on getting some online courses finished and published, we wanted to also find a way to offer our experience and expertise to churches everywhere, while still harnessing the advantages of a one-on-one style meeting. So we got to thinking “Hey! Why don’t we just use Skype?” So that’s exactly what we’ve done. We believe that by setting up a meeting with you using one of the most popular video conferencing platforms, we can still capture the essence of the much preferred in-person meetings. Our hope is that for those of you that find in-person consulting is a bit out of reach, this can provide you with a budget friendly and straight forward alternative.

Our hope is that through this, we can help you with:

• Recurring issues and troubleshooting

• General Advisement & purchasing decisions

• Optimizing your setup

• Team training and more!

We really wanted to make it easy for you to get one-on-one access to our expertise because sometimes, emails and blog posts just don’t cut it!

But even more than answering the technical questions, we want to invest in your STORY as a ministry. We want to help you know your congregation better, to understand the goals of your church and work seemlessly with your pastors and congregation to deliver an experience that perfectly integrates with your congregation and helps your ministry explode with effectiveness and impact. That's the real heartbeat behind what we do and we'd love to partner with you in that journey. 

So, what happens when you purchase a session?


It’s really simple. You will go through and fill out the form to tell us the reason for scheduling your session, the amount of time you would like to book, and when you would like to meet! After we receive and check out your request, you'll get an email and a calendar invite from us confirming your session and checking for any additional questions! The more info you’re able to give us, the better we can prepare for the session and make sure that we have the answers you need.

When the day comes, you will get 30 minutes to an hour of our time and our completely undivided attention, just as if we were able to come out to meet with you in person. We will do absolutely everything we can to answer your questions, recommend resources, and point you in the right direction for your next steps forward.

We also have options to save some money by purchasing sessions in 5 or 10 hour packages. This could be very helpful, for example, if you are about to purchase some gear and would like someone to help walk you through installation and integration. Or maybe you would like some help with training your team on a few specific topics.

Regardless of how you choose to use these hours, we will do everything we can to maximize their impact you and your team. We hope you will consider meeting with us!

To kick this off, we want to off you guys a little discount to get started! So use the code "SAVE20" when you book a session for 20% off! 

As always, we are here to answer any questions you might have! Never hesitate to send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Happy Mixing!