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Our Comprehensive Live sound Training course is now AVAILABLE  

You asked, we delivered! We know what a struggle Sunday morning can be. From vocals that don't sit in the mix and constantly feed back, to musicians who are unhappy with their monitor mixes.

We developed this 5+ hour video training course for you and your team to solve all of these issues and more!  

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We want to reach out to audio engineers and empower them with the techniques and knowledge that we use on a daily basis to get great sounding mixes every Sunday. The funny tweets will still be there, but now we want to take it a step further; we want to teach and empower front of house and monitor engineers everywhere to take their mixes to the highest possible caliber. As Worship Sound Guys, we are tasked with an incredible mission to make worship sound great, and this new side of Worship Sound Guy exists to help every engineer, no matter how experienced, accomplish that mission with ease.


Thanks for being a part of a better sounding Sunday!