X-32 Presets Only Package

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X-32 Presets Only Package



• Over 230 NEW Channel Presets!

• An instructional Video detailing how to get the file up and running

• An E-Guide designed to help you understand the thought process behind our presets!

• A collection of our BEST PDF guides to help you on your journey to great live sound including our EQ Cheat Sheet, Compression, Cheat Sheet, and our eBook “The EQ & Compression Formula”!

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Version 2 is finally here! Building on the massive success of our first set of X-32 presets, we're so excited to bring you version two! With more than double the amount of channel presets from version one, you'll have access to over 230 new EQ, Compression, Gate, and Effects presets to take your mix to the next level! Inside, you'll find presets and channel settings for every instrument you're likely to find in a worship environment. You'll be able to get huge drum tones, vocals that cut through the mix without feeding back, bass that's EQ'd perfectly to fit in the mix and electric guitar tones that sound massive in the mix without being harsh. Plus in version two, we've focused on some unique approaches like parallel compression and mix bus processing that take a good mix and turn it into a great one.

This pack includes all the preset files, but no show profiles. We've made this pack so that you can load our presets into your existing show setup without having to reconfigure anything else. You can keep all your channels, naming, routing, sends, VCA's, etc, but load in our custom EQ, Compression, Gate, and Effects presets to your existing channels!

Last but not least, we've included an e-book and a 25 minute video explaining exactly how to get the most out of your mix. We can't wait to hear the incredible mixes you'll make!

What's New In Version 2?

  • Over 230 New Presets For Compression, EQ, Gating, and Effects

  • A 25 Minute Video On How To Build A Great Sounding Full Band Mix

Check out sound clips below: