Learn tons of super helpful tips and tricks as you listen to WSG build a mix an awesome mix on a Behringer X32! Console show file with presets included with download!


WSG Essentials

The WSG essentials course is an all in one class designed as a resource for volunteers to teach the skills needed to run a a fantastic sounding service. This course covers everything from system setups, to recommended gear and best practices when it comes to mixing. Church volunteers, this one's for you!


X32 Custom Show File

A custom show file designed by the engineers at WSG just for churches! filled with hundreds of presets and an E-guide to help walk you through using it, this resource is a no brainer!


Drum intensive

Get ready for everything you wanted to know about mixing drums! This course is a full scale breakdown of microphone selection & placement including live video shootouts of popular mics! Then be ready to talk EQ, compressing, FX and even doubling/replacement; because this course leaves nothing out!


X32 Basics

This course is designed as a introduction to the Berhinger X32 mixing console. It covers the various features of the console and how to get up and running on it in minutes for even the most inexperienced users. If you are new to the console and want a thorough console overview, this course is for you!


Wireless Basics

The goal of this course is to de-mistify the subject of wireless microphones and in-ear monitors. This will teach you the basics of setting up a wireless system and common mistakes people make when deploying wireless systems. We will give you a handful of tools and recommendations as well. 


Guitar Intensive

Acoustic, electric, bass...this course teaches all about each type of guitar and the best practices for making sure that the guitar portion of your mix is a powerful as can be. Get ready to learn about amps, microphone placement, and fitting guitars of any kind into your mix. 


X32 - Master Class

As a follow-up to the X32 basics course, this course dives into the details and more complex setups and features of the X32 console. This board is packed with features and this class tells you about them all! Learn how to use waves plugins in your mixes and setup the console for pre-amp sharing with other consoles and more!


Introduction to Monitors

This course is for those wrestling with the various options for on-stage monitoring. With so many options to choose from, how do you know whether to buy personal mixers, have your FOH guy mix monitors for the band, use wedges, or purchase a monitor console and in-ears? This course is designed both to inform, and train you for every type of monitoring setup as well as how to achieve great monitor mixes for your band every week.  


Vocal Intensive

In this course we tackle one of the most dynamic instruments known to mankind...the human voice. Learn how to EQ and compress a vocal to always stand out onto of the mix. Learn how to ring for feedback as well as create smooth natural reverbs for your worship leader.