Worship Sound Guy Essentials

The Worship Sound Guy Essentials course is designed to take someone from zero to hero in the world of church audio production. We want this to be a resource that sound guys can use to hone their skills, as well as for pastors and tech directors to give to their volunteers to learn from. Below is a synopsis of whats included with this course!


Feature 1

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This Course's lessons Include:

  1. Introduction - what is a worship sound guy
  2. Meet the stage - an overview of on-stage gear 
  3. Meet the mixer - FOH gear
  4. Making noise - learning how to get your sound system up and ready to support a band
  5. Setting the stage - Best practices for an organized and efficient stage layout.
  6. Connections galore - learn about cables, DI's, and other connection practices for various instrument types!
  7. The art of Mixing - An in-depth discussion of mixing various instruments common in worship music.
  8. Outputs - Learn how to deliver your mix
  9. Monitoring - Learn about the various monitoring options and how to mix specifically for them.